Go 2018: Diving In (Literally)

Durban. Is. Beautiful.

After reading this paragraph, I want you to memorize it; then I want you to close your eyes and imagine it. Imagine a mix of perfect weather with green landscapes vibrant enough to make Adobe jealous; situated next to a stunning blue ocean filled with dolphins… like a lot of dolphins. Okay, now you picture it… I’ll wait.

Right? Isn’t that incredible? Was this where you mind wandered?


After so many hours (days really) of travel, we finally made it. We were immediately hit with highs and lows as we were debriefing on the living conditions of the communities we’ll be working in while taking our suitcases up the elevators of our oceanfront condos.

Both the members of the community and all of my jet-lagged group is so stoked for tomorrow. After sharing dinner and checking out a local grocery store, we ended the long weekend of travel with worship music and some even dove (quite literally dove) into the Indian Ocean. Cold? Yes.


I’m excited and anxious for the plans God has for me and my group this week.

I am tired, nervous, ready, not ready and my hand hurts to write anymore. Work starts tomorrow; let’s do this!