Go 2018: Superheroes

Today, I was surrounded by superheroes.

One of the most impactful days of the trip was also one of the hardest.

Each year in South Africa, there are more deaths from starvation than HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. According to FAO, Africa has the highest prevalence of undernourishment — nearly 21% of the population is affected. Today, we worked to lessen that statistic.

We teamed up with Rise Against Hunger to pack meals for local families in need. We had two hours set aside in our day and a goal to pack 10,000 meals. Challenge accepted.


With an assembly line-style process filled with a lot of celebration, good music (with epic beat drops) and meals, in two hours we were able to pack boxes filled with 10,800 meals. That’s 10,800 people who will go to bed without feeling hunger for the night. That could be 10,800 lives that might be saved, just by having a meal in their bodies. Rise Against Hunger has a goal to end world hunger by 2030, and with days like these… I feel pretty confident that they’re on the right track.

As I’m wrapping up my last post about this trip, I’m heavily reflecting on my time and lessons learned.

The people we have met over here have truly taught me what it is to live. They are happy, loving and living every moment they have. They value community and know that with help, they can get things done. The children are full of energy, joy, imagination and they play and learn without a care in the world.


Build the Future has given people an opportunity to have a next step, daily tasks and new skills that could impact the lives of everyone that encounters this organization and then impact the lives of the people those people interact with. Very rarely in life do you experience first hand lives changing right in front of you; but I saw that every day here.

I would recommend a trip like this to anyone. This challenged me in ways I never thought would be possible. I grew without even realizing it and I’m coming back to the states with such a positive, hopeful view of the world with tangible steps I can take to do my part in making it better.

Thank you again to everyone that helped me get here. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about my trip, see more photos, or share a story of your own. Get out there and explore!


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